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Ryan Hinn and Betsy Henderson star in "Distracted"

Betsy Henderson Is Delightful in “Distracted”

Betsy Henderson stakes her claim to the title of the Triangle’s finest actress in Raleigh Ensemble Players’ splendidly staged and brilliantly acted production of “Distracted.” Her heartfelt portrayal of the increasingly frazzled mother of a nine-year-old boy with ADD is a nicely nuanced performance.

Ryan Hinn and Betsy Thompson Henderson star in "Distracted"

Lisa Loomer’s “Distracted” Is an Offbeat Off-Broadway Comedy About Attention Deficit Disorder

“The subject matter — a family dealing with a child with ADD — piqued our interest,” recalls REP managing director Gary Williams, “as we are always looking for pieces that explore modern issues. With REP’s long-time interest in and commitment to the disability community, it seemed like a good fit.