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George Brant’s Grounded, Starring Michelle Murray Wells, Deserves Much Larger Audiences

Sonorous Road Productions, resident company at Sonorous Road Theatre at 209 Oberlin Rd. in Raleigh, is the creation of Michelle Murray Wells, a Meredith College graduate who took her Master at Arts at Emerson College in Boston, MA. She opened the theater in August, offering classes in theater acting, film acting, and production for both… Read More ›

Sonorous Road Productions’ Presentation of Grounded: Wow! All We Can Say Is Wow!

Sonorous Road Productions’ latest offering, Grounded by George Brant, is a stunning journey into the psyche of a female U.S. Air Force fighter-pilot (played by Sonorous Road’s founder and artistic director Michelle Murray Wells). We are never told her name. She is simply known as “The Pilot”; and as she stands alone on the stage,… Read More ›

Madeleine Lambert stars in "Grounded," a one-woman show written by George Brant and directed by Talya Klein, on March 20-April 5 at Manbites Dog Theater in Durham (photo by Jon Haas)

“Grounded” at Manbites Dog Theater Asks, What Happens When Eye-in-the-Sky Makes War Easy?

With Grounded, now playing in Durham, NC’s Manbites Dog Theater, under the direction of Talya Klein, playwright George Brant has suddenly become the best-known new playwright in America. Grounded is a penetrating examination of how warfare is changing from face-to-face confrontations — even at the distance between warplanes and targets — to the technologically supported… Read More ›