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"Harold and Maude" concludes its three-week run at CGT on Oct. 11-13

Ghost & Spice Productions’ “Harold and Maude” Is a Delight, Ends Oct. 11-13 at Common Ground Theatre

Ghost & Spice Productions of Durham strives to maintain a high quality of acting in its small cost-mindful productions; but when an iconic film like Harold and Maude returns to the stage where it originated (and flopped — it closed after four performances), one expects tepid portrayals. After all, who could top the cult classic… Read More ›

Colin Higgins’ Dark Comedy “Harold and Maude” Opens Ghost & Spice’s 11th and Final Season

Ghost & Spice Productions will open its 11th and final season with a gala production of Colin Higgins’ 1983 stage adaptation of the classic 1971 film of his delightful dark comedy “Harold and Maude,” directed by Hal Ashby from a screenplay by Colin Higgins, based on his own 1971 novel, on Sept. 28-30 and Oct. 4-7 and 11-13 at Common Ground Theatre in Durham, NC.

Jennifer Evans and J. Evarts Star in Ghost & Spice’s Production of Shelagh Delaney’s “A Taste of Honey”

Chapel Hill, NC-based Ghost & Spice Productions will present “A Taste of Honey,” the first full-length play by British playwright and screenwriter Shelagh Delaney (1938-2011), on April 20 and 21 and 26-29 and May 3-5 at Common Ground Theatre in Durham. Delaney was just 18 years old in May 1958, when this controversial play rocked the British theater community, with its interracial romance and frank discussion of sexual matters.

Transactors' "City of Medicine"- June 11 at 8pm L-R (top): Nancy Pekar, Dan Sipp, Steven Warnock (middle): Anno Brod, Jill Greeson, Jeff Alguire, Rachel Klem (bottom): Greg Hohn, Jeffrey Moore

Common Ground Theatre | June

Colorful Waves Bellydance Presents: Bellydance Raqs!; Ghost & Spice Intern Showcase: A Different Moon by Ara Watson; Transactors Improv Presents: City of Medicine; FATE presents Don DeLillo’s Valparaiso