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An Honest Pint of Hamlet at William Peace University’s Leggett Theater

Among the challenges inherent in producing a classic such as Hamlet is this question: how do you make it fresh and interesting for seasoned Shakespeare fans while keeping it “true to the script” and also rendering it accessible to newcomers? Honest Pint Theatre Company’s “uncut” version of Hamlet, playing now through July 31st in the… Read More ›

This Uncut Hamlet Is an Extraordinary Experience for Honest Pint Patrons

Honest Pint Theatre Company will be performing an unusual version of Hamlet, William Shakespeare’s powerful play, at the Leggett Theater on William Peace University campus through July 31st. This is an extraordinary experience for several reasons. From the program, we get this caveat: “This Hamlet is a marriage of two traditions, hopefully, a black and… Read More ›

Honest Pint’s Uncut Version of Hamlet Is Engaging, Surprising, and Funny

When Honest Pint Theatre Company of Raleigh, NC, announced its plan to stage an uncut version of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, I immediately felt a sense of excitement and skepticism. Excited that I would get to see it. Skeptical that anyone else would want to. Many know the basics of Hamlet: son of slain king seeks… Read More ›

Triangle theater diva Lynda Clark as Queen Gertrude and Michael Murray as King Claudius

“Devon Does Denmark” Is a Hoot

Ira Wood, in Laurence Olivier mode, passionately emotes and emotes some more as Prince Hamlet, the dithering Dane who must decide whether or not to avenge his father’s murder and slay his usurping uncle Claudius (Michael Murray), who poisoned his father and married his mother Gertrude (Lynda Clark) before the foodstuffs in the funeral feast reached their self-by dates.

Triangle theater diva Lynda Clark as Queen Gertrude and Michael Murray as King Claudius

TIP’s “Devon Does Denmark” Is a Royal Farce Written and Directed by Raleigh’s Ira David Wood III

“I wanted to write and direct a show where we can just hoot and holler,” confesses “Devon Does Denmark” dramatist and director David Wood. “Rehearsals are such fun. I wanted to have a great time.”