You Gotta Have a Gimmick: And “Henry V” Soars on Low-Flying Trapezes at Burning Coal Theatre

New York actor Dan Loeser -- flanked by Triangle theater veterans Jade Arnold (left) and Lucius Robinson -- is splendid as the young English King in "Henry V (on Trapeze)" (photo by The Right Image Photography, Inc.)

New York actor Dan Loeser is simply splendid as the young but no longer boyish King Henry V of England. Formerly a playboy prince who was the boon companion of all manner low-life degenerates, such as the portly drunken knight Sir John Falstaff, Prince Hal is now a picture of sobriety as King Henry; and Loeser plays him with palpable charisma and the laser-like intensity of the young Marlon Brando.

Shakespeare Takes Flight in “Henry V (On Trapeze)”

This scene from "Henry V (on Trapeze)" depicts the death of Falstaff and features (from left) Eileen Little, Jenn Suchanec, Lucius Robinson, and Jade Arnold (photo by The Right Image Photography, Inc.)

Burning Coal Theatre Company of Raleigh, NC and the aerial theater company Fight or Flight of New York City are teaming up to stage “Henry V (On Trapeze),” a high-flying production of the circa 1599 English history play by Elizabethan dramatist and poet William Shakespeare (1564-1616), on Dec. 1-4, 8-11, and 15-18 in Burning Coal Theatre at the Murphey School, near the Historic Oakwood Section of downtown Raleigh.