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Honest Pint’s The Mystery of Love and Sex at NRACT Is a Disappointing Maelstrom of Characters and Conflict

Honest Pint Theatre Company normally does a terrific job telling interesting stories to theatergoers across the Triangle. This troupe of talented actors and directors does not shy away from edgy stories with interesting morals or themes. For this reason, I look forward to their productions. Unfortunately, their current offering, The Mystery of Love & Sex… Read More ›

Bathsheba Doran’s The Mystery of Love and Sex Is a Tender, Humorous, Surprisingly Deep Story

North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre is currently running The Mystery of Love & Sex by Bathsheba Doran, a writer with a hefty resumé. The play, produced by Honest Pint Theatre Company, doesn’t so much solve the mystery as expand its magnitude. It will always be an unsolvable mystery, we suspect. And probably that’s half… Read More ›

Honest Pint Theatre Company and Sweet Tea Shakespeare Brew Up a Delightful King Lear

The grandeur of William Shakespeare’s King Lear is almost universally recognized. English Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley referred to it as “the most perfect specimen of dramatic poetry existing in the world.” Early 20th century English literary critic A.C. Bradley referred to it as “Shakespeare’s greatest achievement.” A play this great deserves a production of… Read More ›

Shakespeare’s Epic Tragedy King Lear Gets a Tour-de-Force Performance in Raleigh

Honest Pint Theatre Company (Raleigh) and Sweet Tea Shakespeare (Fayetteville) have combined forces and talents to produce King Lear, tragic dysfunctional-family story of father and daughters, mendacity, betrayal, greed, along with loyalty and love. Leggett Theater at William Peace University hosts this long dramatic presentation of The Bard’s saga of an old man’s insanity. The… Read More ›

Honest Pint and Sweet Tea Shakespeare Get to the Heart of The Bard’s King Lear

The word heart appears in William Shakespeare’s canon around 1,400 times. A record-breaking 58 instances occur in King Lear. That’s more than either Romeo and Juliet or all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets. King Lear rarely references the organ literally. Characters are empty-hearted, true-hearted, honest-hearted, marble-hearted, dog-hearted, heart-struck, or even a sweet-heart. Director Jeremy Fiebig is… Read More ›

An Honest Pint of Hamlet at William Peace University’s Leggett Theater

Among the challenges inherent in producing a classic such as Hamlet is this question: how do you make it fresh and interesting for seasoned Shakespeare fans while keeping it “true to the script” and also rendering it accessible to newcomers? Honest Pint Theatre Company’s “uncut” version of Hamlet, playing now through July 31st in the… Read More ›

This Uncut Hamlet Is an Extraordinary Experience for Honest Pint Patrons

Honest Pint Theatre Company will be performing an unusual version of Hamlet, William Shakespeare’s powerful play, at the Leggett Theater on William Peace University campus through July 31st. This is an extraordinary experience for several reasons. From the program, we get this caveat: “This Hamlet is a marriage of two traditions, hopefully, a black and… Read More ›

Honest Pint’s Uncut Version of Hamlet Is Engaging, Surprising, and Funny

When Honest Pint Theatre Company of Raleigh, NC, announced its plan to stage an uncut version of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, I immediately felt a sense of excitement and skepticism. Excited that I would get to see it. Skeptical that anyone else would want to. Many know the basics of Hamlet: son of slain king seeks… Read More ›

“Annapurna” Is a Story of Human Redemption and Forgiveness; It’s a Story of Grace

In Sharr White’s Annapurna, co-produced by Honest Pint Theatre Company and North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre, Ulysses is a man who is letting go. Along with everything else, he is letting go of his emotional baggage, his connections to others, and the use of his skills as a writer. He is a man at… Read More ›

Sharr White’s “Annapurna” Packs a Punch with Passion, Compassion, and Laughter

Honest Pint Theatre Company first drew our attention two years ago with the explosive presentation of A Steady Rain by Keith Huff, and wowed us a second time with The Sum of Us by David Stevens. Its current production of Sharr White’s 2011 two-character play, Annapurna, co-produced with and performed at North Raleigh Arts and… Read More ›

The Honest Pint Theatre Company and North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre production of "Annapurna," directed by Dana Marks, stars David Henderson and Susannah Hough (photo by Alex Maness)

In “Annapurna,” David Henderson and Susannah Hough Plunge into an Emotional Whirlpool

The Honest Pint Theatre Company and North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre will present the regional premiere of Sharr White’s 2011 San Francisco, 2013 Los Angeles, and 2014 Off-Broadway two-character play, Annapurna, starring David Henderson as Ulysses and Susannah Hough as Emma, under the direction of Dana Marks, on Aug. 21-23 and 28-30 and Sept…. Read More ›

“The Sum of Us” by David Stevens Is Truly as Sweet a Play as You Could Possibly Ask For

The story line of the Honest Pint Theatre Company’s production of The Sum of Us by David Stevens is about a widowed, straight Australian father and his sports-minded gay son. But there is no tension between them about that. This wise and kind father, since realizing the nature of his son’s nature, has only wanted… Read More ›

Honest Pint’s Extraordinary Production of “A Steady Rain” Is a Must-See Crime Drama at NRACT

It was a lot like old times, seeing David Henderson and Ryan Brock on stage together, directed by C. Glen Matthews, working on a set built and lit by Miyuki Su. When you have a combination like that, you’re practically assured a hit. Honest Pint Theatre Company’s inaugural production of Keith Huff’s two-hander A Steady… Read More ›

“A Steady Rain” Is an Emotionally Charged and Unforgettable Debut for Honest Pint Theatre Company

“A Steady Rain,” the debut performance from Honest Pint Theatre Company and written by Keith Huff, is the story of a summer when a literal and figurative “steady rain” falls in the lives of two friends and Chicago cops—reckless, impulsive Denny (Ryan Brock) and sweet, big-hearted Joey, (David Henderson) who, with Denny’s help, has recently… Read More ›

David Henderson (left) and Ryan Brock will star in "A Steady Rain" at North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre

David Henderson and Ryan Brock Will Star in Keith Huff’s Crime Drama, “A Steady Rain,” at NRACT

The newly formed Honest Pint Theatre Company will present A Steady Rain, a 2007 Broadway crime drama written by Chicago playwright Keith Huff and staged by Raleigh, NC director and drama teacher C. Glen Matthews, on Aug. 23-25, Aug. 30-Sept. 1, and Sept. 6-8 at North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre, in the Greystone Village… Read More ›