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Raleigh Room Escapes Scares Up a Different Kind of Theatre

We are at a gas station near downtown Raleigh attempting to rehydrate. We’re sweaty, breathless, and debriefing on what the hell happened back there. Pressing an ice-cold gatorade to my neck, I ask, “you wanna go again?” “Only if it’s a different room,” my partner answers, unscrewing a bottle of water. “That was too stressful…. Read More ›

You're Next

“You’re Next” Captures the Fun, Bloodlust of Slasher Films

The ’80s has been making a big comeback in theaters for some time. As executives who grew up during that period want to see movies that remind them of their childhood, audiences are subjected to movies like “The A-Team,” “21 Jump Street” and “The Smurfs.” Even horror films have gotten in on the action, with… Read More ›

“Evil Dead” Still has Life

When it was first announced, the idea of an “Evil Dead” remake was offensive to fans of Sam Raimi’s original trilogy. Most horror fans would be hard-pressed not to have one of them in a list of their all-time favorite scary movies. For me, horror has never, and probably will never, get better than “Evil… Read More ›

New in Theaters for Oct. 19

Two major releases hit the Triangle for the weekend of Oct. 19. One is a sequel, the other a sort of sequel. Alex Cross Tyler Perry takes the reins from Morgan Freeman in this reboot of the franchise based on James Patterson’s best selling novels. This time the popular detective is up against an assassin,… Read More ›