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"Is He Dead?" runs through Nov. 13th

Deep Dish’s “Is He Dead?” Tries Hard, But Pays Diminishing Comic Dividends

Deep Dish Theater Company’s current production of “Is He Dead?” is one of those plays that the audience desperately wants to like, but ultimately doesn’t. The story’s premise sounds like fun: a struggling French artist, Jean-Francois Millet (Steven Roten), and his foolish pals, the German Dutchy (Jon Karnofsky), the Irishman O’Shaughnessy (Kit FitzSimmons), and the American Chicago (C. Delton Streeter) cook up a scheme to make Millet an overnight sensation — and drive up the price of his heretofore unsellable paintings — by pretending that he is dead. The only catch is that in order to pull off the clever ruse, Millet must disguise himself as a woman, his nonexistent identical twin sister, Daisy Tillou.

"Is He Dead?" opens Oct. 22nd

David Ives’ Adaptation of Mark Twain’s Satire “Is He Dead?” Has Been Described as “La Bohème” Meets “Tootsie”

The second show of Deep Dish Theater Company’s 10th anniversary season is “Is He Dead?” — South Chicago-born contemporary American playwright David Ives’ two-act comedy adapted from a posthumously published three-act play written in Vienna in 1898 by Mark Twain (nee Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835-1910) — on Oct. 22-24 and 27-31 and Nov. 3-7 and 10-13.