Jason Williamson’s “Ether Steeds” Mixes Magic with Melodrama, But Jess Jones Is Luminous as Skeeta

Jess Jones shines as Skeeta in "Ether Steeds"

“Ether Steeds” mixes magic with melodrama in a coming-of-age story with supernatural overtones and lots of flashbacks, and Jess Jones as the coltish 17-year-old Skeeta makes the most memorable impression.

Stillwater Theatre Company Presents the Regional Premiere of “Ether Steeds” by Jason Williamson

Jess Jones stars as Skeeta in "Ether Steeds"

“The play fits nicely in the rooftop garden, and is strengthened by the surroundings,” claims director Steven Roten. “I hope that the audience will feel like they are a part of the world of the play while they enjoy the warm spring nights.”