Send in the Clones: Ray Dooley and Josh Barrett Are Electrifying in “A Number” at PlayMakers Rep

Ray Dooley as Salter and Josh Barrett as the scruffy, maladjusted, and menacing Bernard 1, who is dangerous -- very dangerous -- when angry (photo by Andrea Akin)

“A Number” consists of a series of tense father-and-son reunions in which Salter (played with quiet desperation by Ray Dooley) answers a series of increasingly uncomfortable questions about the parentage of his three sons — the well-groomed, well-adjusted, but persistent Bernard 2; the scruffy, maladjusted, and menacing Bernard 1; and the easygoing and only mildly curious Michael Black, whom Salter did not raise — all limned with vivid strokes by Josh Barrett.

Caryl Churchill’s “A Number,” a Provocative Drama with a Sci-Fi Twist, Is First Up for PlayMakers Rep

"A Number" runs Sept. 7-11 in the Elizabeth Price Kenan Theatre at UNC-Chapel Hill

“Part psychological thriller, part topical scientific speculation, and part analysis of the relationship between fathers and their sons, [‘A Number’] combines elegant structural simplicity with an astonishing intellectual and emotional depth…. What a tremendous play this is, moving thought-provoking and dramatically,” writes the London Daily Telegraph.