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Katja Hill (left) and Lormarev Jones will perform "Rough Draft: A Night of New Solos," on June 28th and 29th at Common Ground Theatre in Durham

Common Ground Theatre Showcases New Solo Works by Katja Hill and Lormarev Jones

Advertised as two works-in-progress, the latest offering at the Common Ground Theatre in Durham is entitled Rough Draft: A Night of New Solos. The two one-act plays performed by their female playwrights, Lormarev Jones and Katja Hill, are as different as the women themselves. With minimal sets, the actress-playwrights presented their works to a small,… Read More ›

"Shiloh Rules" features an all-female cast

Four Civil War Re-enactors, a Park Ranger, and a Souvenir Seller Meet in Doris Baizley’s Offbeat Comedy/Drama “Shiloh Rules” in Wilson

“The play is larger than it first appears,” claims director Katja Hill. “We meet six remarkable women who are involved in different ways in a re-enactment of the Battle of Shiloh …. [‘Shiloh Rules’] is set in 2011, but all the characters go back in time to 1862 through a re-enactment that becomes terrifyingly real.”

Oh the Humanity, and other exclamations Falls Flat

Life is hard and lonely for everyone. We all feel desperate sometimes. We all die. These are all messages central to Will Eno’s collection of five short plays appropriately titled Oh the Humanity, and other exclamations. While there is nothing really wrong with Manbites Dog Theater Company’s presentation of the play, there isn’t much to… Read More ›