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Honest Pint Theatre Company and Sweet Tea Shakespeare Brew Up a Delightful King Lear

The grandeur of William Shakespeare’s King Lear is almost universally recognized. English Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley referred to it as “the most perfect specimen of dramatic poetry existing in the world.” Early 20th century English literary critic A.C. Bradley referred to it as “Shakespeare’s greatest achievement.” A play this great deserves a production of… Read More ›

Shakespeare’s Epic Tragedy King Lear Gets a Tour-de-Force Performance in Raleigh

Honest Pint Theatre Company (Raleigh) and Sweet Tea Shakespeare (Fayetteville) have combined forces and talents to produce King Lear, tragic dysfunctional-family story of father and daughters, mendacity, betrayal, greed, along with loyalty and love. Leggett Theater at William Peace University hosts this long dramatic presentation of The Bard’s saga of an old man’s insanity. The… Read More ›

Honest Pint and Sweet Tea Shakespeare Get to the Heart of The Bard’s King Lear

The word heart appears in William Shakespeare’s canon around 1,400 times. A record-breaking 58 instances occur in King Lear. That’s more than either Romeo and Juliet or all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets. King Lear rarely references the organ literally. Characters are empty-hearted, true-hearted, honest-hearted, marble-hearted, dog-hearted, heart-struck, or even a sweet-heart. Director Jeremy Fiebig is… Read More ›

Left Field Theatre performed William Shakespeare's "King Lear" on July 5th and 6th at Common Ground Theatre in Durham

On July 6th, Left Field Theatre’s “King Lear” Drew a Full House for a Beleaguered Royal Family

One of the reasons that the plays of William Shakespeare (1564-1616) continue to work, even if the majority of folks in the audience cannot understand the nuances of their language, is that their themes are based on human drama. Such is the case with King Lear, a family tragedy about love, honor and who gets… Read More ›

Brothers Grant Neale (left) and Randy Neale star in as the Fool and King Lear in "The Fool's Lear"

Brothers Grant and Randy Neale Provide Bellylaughs and Onstage Pyrotechnics in “The Fool’s Lear”

The Nomad Theatrical Company’s pixilated — and at times achingly poignant — performance of “The Fool’s Lear,” a delightful dramedy that concludes its all-too-brief Triangle run at 7:30 p.m. tonight and 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon, unleashes a dazzling display of onstage pyrotechnics as dramatist Randy Neale plays the prideful King Lear and director Grant Neale portrays his motley Fool and staunchest supporter who sticks with the temperamental monarch after Lear falls on hard times and all of his other retainers desert him.