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Gidion's Knot stars Shannon Malone (left) and Lakeisha Coffey

Shannon Malone and Lakeisha Coffey Are Amazing in Bartlett Theater’s Version of Johnna Adams’ Gidion’s Knot

There was an episode of Leave It to Beaver in which Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver (played by Jerry Mathers) got in trouble, because he had written fictional stories in his diary — stories about himself engaged in high-risk adventures of derring-do. When his parents read this “diary,” they assumed that he had taken all of… Read More ›

No Wedding Bells for Boston Marriage

Coppedge’s performance as a lively and ditzy Scottish maid is the show’s one saving grace. Her accent is perfect, and she keeps the audience laughing throughout the show with her clever banter and obvious frustration and bafflement at her employer’s antics.