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Old and New Carolina Ballet Stars Twinkle Brightly in The Ugly Duckling and Three Other Ballets in A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater

The 20th season of the Carolina Ballet of Raleigh, NC might prove to be its most interesting one yet, artistic director Robert Weiss told the audience on opening night of The Ugly Duckling. “We have a mix of new and old,” he reported. Ballets in the 2017-18 season include the gorgeous Weiss-choreographed Messiah; the Valentine’s… Read More ›

Carolina Ballet will stage The Little Mermaid Feb. 2-19 in A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater in >the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh (photo by 20/20 Photo Video)

Carolina Ballet’s Little Mermaid Is a Classic Fairy Tale with a Progressive Twist

In the land of basketball and BBQ, it is easy to forget that North Carolina also has a notable ballet company. Carolina Ballet’s production of Lynne Taylor-Corbett’s The Little Mermaid, running Feb. 2-19 in the A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater in Raleigh, will delight the young and the young at heart, with its cartoon colors, stunning… Read More ›

Carolina Ballet will stage The Little Mermaid Feb. 2-19 in A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater in >the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh (photo by 20/20 Photo Video)

The Little Mermaid Is a Big Hit for Carolina Ballet

The littlest mermaids were not necessarily on stage Thursday night when the Carolina Ballet premiered its latest ballet of the season, The Little Mermaid, based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Little girls in fancy dresses, tutus, and tiaras filled the seats at Raleigh’s A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater to see (and hear!) one… Read More ›

Principal dancers Lilyan Vigo and Marcelo Martinez perform in Love Speaks (photo by 20/20 Photography)

Carolina Ballet’s Love Speaks Is the Ballet of the Season: Eloquent, Funny, and Romantic

What better way to celebrate love during this month of the year than with William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, his sonnets, coupled with the Symposium, linked dances based on discussions of the various elements of love? Robert Weiss’ Carolina Ballet did all that and much more with their current triumph, Love Speaks, choreographed by guest… Read More ›

Marcelo Martinez, shown here in the 2010 production with Lilyan Vigo, reprises his role as Count Dracula in Lynne Taylor-Corbett's version of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" (photo by Chris Walt Photography)

Lynne Taylor-Corbett Skillfully Stages Carolina Ballet’s Elegant and Eerie Version of “Dracula”

On Thursday, Oct. 9th, Carolina Ballet ushered in the season of ghosts and ghouls with its elegant and eerie production of Dracula, presented in the A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater in downtown Raleigh, NC. Skillfully choreographed by Lynne Taylor-Corbett, the ballet features J. Mark Scearce’s suspenseful score, David Heuvel’s always-luscious costume designs, impressive lighting effects by… Read More ›

Margaret Severin-Hansen and Marcelo Martinez star in "Dracula" (photo by Chris Walt Photography)

“Dracula” Swoops in Dramatically to the Carolina Ballet

On Oct. 9th, plague and vampires came to the A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater in Raleigh via the guise of the Carolina Ballet, and they will stay to seduce audiences and produce passionate performances until Oct. 26th. The two ballets, based on classic horror stories written by Edgar Allan Poe (The Masque of the Red Death)… Read More ›

Carolina Ballet, New York City to Elizabeth City

Every program has been a different experience this season at the Carolina Ballet. The two works in the current production, Fancy Free and Carolina Jamboree, are as different from each other as they are from previous programs. What they have in common is that they are fun non-traditional ballets. Jerome Robbins’ Fancy Free is a jazzy… Read More ›

Rhapsody at the ballet

A dance can change the way you hear a familiar piece of music. A skilled choreographer can use a subtle movement to draw your attention deep into the song, to a sound you’d never noticed,or move the dancers as if their bodies are singing, keeping you wrapped in the melody. Carolina Ballet’s Rhapsody, a new… Read More ›

Balanchine Rarities – a magnificent performance of artistry and virtuosity

Carolina Ballet‘s production of Balanchine Rarities, a program including 3 works by George Balanchine, Lost and Found by Lynne Taylor-Corbett, and Moving Life by Robert Weiss, opened to a nearly full house Thursday night, and I expect the house will stay full for the duration of its run. The program began with short ballets by… Read More ›

Raleigh actor Jesse Janowsky and New York actress Sharon Talbot star as John and Rosalia Taylor in Talbot's Civil War drama "A Field of Glory" (photo by Lauren Kennedy)

Sharon Talbot’s “A Field of Glory” Is a Talky Play Whose Plot Is Similar to a Classic Civil War Story

Sharon Talbot’s Civil War drama, “A Field of Glory,” is a “work in progress.” The question is, “Is ‘A Field of Glory’ original enough to capture the audience’s imagination and to inspire other producers to produce it?”

Jesse Janowsky and Sharon Talbot star as John and Rosalia Taylor in Talbot's Civil War drama "A Field of Glory" (photo by Lauren Kennedy)

Sharon Talbot’s Civil War Drama “A Field of Glory” Makes Its World Premiere at Hot Summer Nights

“[‘A Field of Glory’] is funny, believe it or not,” claims playwright Sharon Talbot claims. “It’s about the hilarious relationship between … two headstrong, loving, thorny, forward-looking, witty Southerners who — reunited after six months of battle — have managed to keep their sense of humor.”

Carolina Ballet Company in Monet Impressions; Photo by The Right Image Photography

Monet Impressions is good ballet, pure and simple

Dancers. Choreography. Skill. Artistry.  These are the simple ingredients in Carolina Ballet’s original homage to the French painter Claude Monet.  A ballet more abstract than more familiar and traditional ones such as the Nutcracker or Sleeping Beauty, it is complete in its simplicity. The first half, Picnic on the Grass, with original choreography by Lynne… Read More ›

Carolina Ballet’s Dracula and the Masque of the Red Death is Full of Chills and Thrills

Audience members who simply want to be treated to season-appropriate thrills and chills get their wish, but there are also deeper meanings to explore.

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CAROLINA BALLET TO PRESENT RALEIGH PREMIERE OF LA SYLPHIDE The “Granddaddy” of all Romantic Ballets One of the most eagerly anticipated programs of Carolina Ballet’s 2010 spring season is the Raleigh premiere of the 1836 ground-breaking romantic ballet, La Sylphide, choreographed by Auguste Bournonville to music of Herman Lovenskjold.  This program, to be presented at… Read More ›