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Sinbad Brought Down the House on March 19th with Contagious Nonstop Laughter

Comic legend Sinbad certainly has not lost his touch, as he proved Sunday, March 19th, when he performed in a one-night special engagement in Raleigh’s Meymandi Concert Hall, presented by Bob Nocek Presents LLC and Broadway Series South. Sinbad (born David Atkins) has been charming audiences for over three decades and has been ranked by… Read More ›

Bob Nocek Presents LLC brought comedian Patton Oswalt to Raleigh's Meymandi Concert Hall on Saturday, Dec. 3rd

Patton Oswalt Was Really Real and Really Funny on Dec. 3rd in Raleigh

There is a proverb that says grief shared is diminished by half, while joy shared is doubled. Comedian Patton Oswalt performed this existential algebra in Raleigh’s Meymandi Concert Hall last Saturday night, Dec. 3rd, during a live show produced by Bob Nocek Presents LLC. He left his large audience of fans and social-media followers laughing… Read More ›

Bob Nocek Presents LLC brought comedian Paula Poundstone to Raleigh's Meymandi Concert Hall on Thursday, Dec. 1st

Paula Poundstone Continued Her Conversation with Her Devoted Fans on Dec. 1st in Raleigh

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a big fan of Paula Poundstone, the offbeat and outspoken comedian, whom Bob Nocek Presents LLC brought to the Meymandi Concert Hall on Dec. 1st. Poundstone took the stage in her signature style (here, a bright red suit with black stripes and her black-and-white shiny shoes) and… Read More ›

Bob Nocek Presents LLC brought comedian Paula Poundstone to Raleigh's Meymandi Concert Hall on Thursday, Dec. 1st

On Dec. 1st, Paula Poundstone Will Tickle Triangle Funny-Bones with Her Offbeat Humor

EDITOR’S NOTE: This week, Bob Nocek Presents LLC is bringing whimsical comedian, actress, and author Paula Poundstone back to the Triangle for another highly anticipated one-night stand — at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 1st — this time in Meymandi Concert Hall in the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Raleigh, NC…. Read More ›

North Carolina Opera’s Hercules vs. Vampires Combines B-Movies and Baritones

The Rocky Horror Picture Show introduced moviegoers to audience participation in the late 1970s and Mystery Science Theater 3000 brought the snark to television in the late 1980s, morphing into RiffTrax in 2006. Essentially, mocking B-movies is not entirely new. The “No talking during the feature” rule has been broken before. But Patrick Morganelli and… Read More ›