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Meet The Beatles … Again — The Marketing Machine of Beatles Rock Band

Would we be so excited if the game was just released on a Tuesday like so many thousands of games and it was just a regular old game release? Well that’s a ridiculous question since there was no way this would ever be a regular release. Want to see the what a behemoth marketing monster looks like? Then all you need to do is look at the icon props at the bottom of the The Beatles Rock Band website…

Flashback — The Original Xbox

Short-lived -on many accounts and discontinued too soon considering the glitches that first year of 360, the original Xbox paved a path of success for Microsoft in gaming that continues to grow. With all of the things they’ve done in the last two years with the 360, we can definitely expect to see more than just a new gaming console in the next few years. Potentially what we may be in store for is a digital delivery system and the early beginnings of a device that doesn’t just offer gaming, but social media, online gaming and game development applications as well.