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Blue Man Group Amuses and Delights DPAC Patrons

On Thursday, September 5th, a trio of strange-looking blue men invaded the Durham Performing Arts Center and proceeded to deliver their unique type of communication to a thoroughly receptive group of Americans. Though it is suspected the group was was hired for the sole purpose of entertaining the Durham crowd, one wonders whether there was… Read More ›

Blue Man Group Returns for Six Sensational Multimedia Performances at DPAC Sept. 5-8

On Sept. 5-8, the sensational Blue Man Group — three manic mute bald-capped men dressed in black with blue grease paint smeared all over their heads — will return to the Durham Performing Arts Center for six mind-bending, aurally and visually spectacular multimedia shows of avant-garde performance art. (They last wowed DPAC patrons on March… Read More ›