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NRACT’s World Premiere of Gay Card Is Fun, Fabulous, and Powerful

What does it mean to be gay in today’s world? Is there a “right” way to do it? Must some landmark status or achievement be reached to earn this title? These are all questions posited in a humorous and heartfelt way by North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre’s world premiere of Gay Card, written by… Read More ›

Ryan Korell and Jonathan Keebler’s Gay Card at NRACT Is Heartwarming, Fresh, and Funny

As North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre managing director Timothy E. Locklear mentions in his director’s notes for NRACT’s latest offering, Gay Card, this world-premiere musical’s story “can apply to each person, for we all must discover who we are becoming as an adult.” Because of that wide appeal, the show fits into the coming-of-age… Read More ›

Politics and Religion Clash Comically in NRACT’s Presentation of Jason Odell Williams’ 2017 Political Comedy Church & State

Politics and religion. These two things go hand in hand. Our country believes in the separation between church and state, but the reality is that politicians must embrace their party platform in order to get and stay elected. Conservative politicians are seen as God-fearing, gun-rights advocates, whereas liberals tend to advocate setting limitations on the… Read More ›

Ty Myatt and Reanna Kicinski star as Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker (photo by Tanya Young)

NRACT’s Bonnie & Clyde Is Fun on the Surface … with More Underneath

Everyone knows the story- or at least some of the story- surrounding Bonnie and Clyde, famous outlaws who went on a bank-robbing and shooting rampage in the 1930s. However, NRACT’s production of Ivan Menchell’s Bonnie and Clyde, under the direction of Jeri Lynn Schulke, reveals a more sympathetic and (mostly) honest take than the myths… Read More ›

Honest Pint co-artistic director Susannah Hough stars as Carol in The Herd at NRACT

Top-Notch Performances Compensate for the Lack of Heart in the Characters of The Herd

The Honest Pint Theatre Company, operating at the North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre, follows the early Greeks to modern times with a favorite topic for playwrights, the dysfunctional family. This British play is no exception. The Herd by Rory Kinnear, is hardly about one’s typical family. It is filled with unspoken, as well as… Read More ›