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Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit Is Thought Provoking and Surprisingly Funny

It was co-producer Tom Haynes presented the idea to do Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous Existentialist play No Exit to fellow producer Kurt Benrud, who had newly formed Pequod Productions. Benrud directed the show; and he and Haynes opened the play Friday night, with Thom playing the part of Garcin, Joanna Vickery Herath as Inez, Melanie Simmons… Read More ›

Cary Players’ “Over the River and Through the Woods” Entertains, But Fails to Hit Deeper Notes

A big part of the problem here is that the play is staged by guest director Tina Vance as strictly comedy. Proper attention is not paid to key scenes that should give the story a lot of heart, such as Nunzio’s musings about families and how they grow apart.

FATE Is Cruel to “Talking Things Over with Chekhov”

FATE is cruel to TALKING THINGS OVER WITH CHEKHOV. The Free Association Theatre Ensemble’s no-frills production of playwright and screenwriter John Ford Noonan’s 1987 backstage comedy, which debuted on Aug. 26-28 in the tiny West End Theatre at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro and continues on Sept. 2-4 at Common Ground Theatre in Durham and on Sept. 9-11 at the Page-Walker Arts & History Center in Cary, is supposed to be a hilarious two-hander about the rocky relationship between failed actor-turned-playwright Jeremy Melvin (Chris Brown) and retired actress-turned-bored housewife Marlene Dumler (Nicola Lefler), a former Broadway star who wants to twinkle again, even brighter this time.

Free Association Theatre Ensemble Presents John Ford Noonan’s Offbeat Comedy “Talking Things Over with Chekhov”

CHRIS BROWN AND NICOLA LEFLER STAR IN THE OFFBEAT COMEDY “TALKING THINGS OVER WITH CHEKHOV” BY JOHN FORD NOONAN Free Association Theatre Ensemble of Raleigh, NC will present TALKING THINGS OVER WITH CHEKHOV, an offbeat 1987 two-character comedy by actor, playwright, and TV writer John Ford Noonan, on Aug. 26-28 at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro,… Read More ›

Artist Partners with Quercus String Trio to Present Goldberg Squared | Apr 11

Prepare your eyes and ears for a brilliant experience made for the senses as members of the NC Symphony and NC State’s former University Architect team up to present Goldberg Squared on April 11 at the Page-Walker Arts & History Center, 119 Ambassador Loop, Cary. The Quercus String Trio will perform an adaptation of J.S…. Read More ›