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The RBC Center will present Cirque du Soleil® in "Alegría" July 6-10

Cirque du Soleil’s “Alegría” Is Joy Personified

Another crowd-pleasing touring production from Cirque du Soleil®’s European-style circus without animals, ” Alegría” takes its title from the Spanish word for “joy,” “elation,” and “jubilation” — and it is joy personified in various and sundry jaw-dropping and eyebrow-raising acts.

The RBC Center will present Cirque du Soleil® in "Alegría" July 6-10

Cirque du Soleil Will Bring “Alegría” to the RBC Center for Eight Performances, Starting July 6th

“A Spanish word for ‘elation,’ ‘joy,’ and ‘jubilation,’ ‘Alegría’ features an international cast of 55 performers and musicians from 15 countries. Alegría has a baroque and operatic style with flamboyant costumes, original music performed live and an elaborate set that serves to enhance the astonishing spectacle of athleticism and artistry. The result is an impressive mix of skill, strength, and speed combined with elegant, almost ethereal performances.

Jeff Dunham and Peanut (photo by Richard McLaren)

Jeff Dunham’s Stand-Up Rocks RBC Center

What was most impressive here, even more so than Dunham’s obvious knack for comedy, was the skill with which he operated and voiced these dummies. Audience members never felt as though they were watching a one-man show. He so skillfully personalized each dummy that they became living, breathing characters right before the audience’s eyes. That was nothing short of magic.