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Rinde Eckert’s “And God Created Great Whales” Is a Haunting, Thrilling PlayMakers Theater Experience

Before “And God Created Great Whales” even begins, Nathan — the central character portrayed by the play’s creator and composer Rinde Eckert, sits at a piano, fiercely scribbling onto music paper, shifting and sorting, erasing and rewriting. Eckert ferociously portrays Nathan as a man determined to create an opera based on “Moby-Dick.” The problem is, he has a degenerative mental disease that slowly eats away at his memories and his ability to create.

Rinde Eckert and Nora Cole will reprise the roles that they played Off-Broadway in the musical "And God Created Great Whales" (photo by Caleb Wertenbaker)

Rinde Eckert and Nora Cole Will Reprise Their Roles in “And God Created Great Whales” at PlayMakers

PlayMakers Repertory Company will present the OBIE Award-winning musical drama “And God Created Great Whales,” created, written, and composed by Rinde Eckert, on Jan. 9-13 in the Elizabeth Price Kenan Theatre in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Center for Dramatic Art. The New York Times has saluted Eckert as “an American loner — eccentric with touches of Bertolt Brecht, Samuel Beckett, and Tom Waits.”