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Sandi Toksvig’s Silver Lining Is a Fun Show

Peony Productions director Pam McClure hastens to inform us, both in her director’s notes and in her preshow remarks, that the decision to produce this show was taken before the spate of natural catastrophes that have been experienced of late. During those life-threatening (and deadly) events, the phenomenon of forgotten elderly people has been also… Read More ›

Two Halves Become Almost Whole in Sandi Toksvig’s Moving “Bully Boy”

“Maybe soldiers don’t really want to kill anyone.” That’s a theory posited by Major Oscar Hadley (Gregor McElvogue), a soldier badly injured as a result of his service in the Falklands War, at the beginning of Sandi Toksvig’s moving play “Bully Boy,” onstage now at Common Ground Theatre and presented by Common Wealth Endeavors. The… Read More ›

“Bully Boy” Is a Thought-Provoking 90-Minute Drama About the Lasting Trauma of War

Common Wealth Endeavors LLC, a relatively new production company founded by area actor Gregor McElvogue, is intent upon bringing plays from other English-speaking cultures to the U.S. Previously, they have presented Many Moons by British playwright Alice Birch and Canadian playwright Daniel Karasik’s The Innocents. Bully Boy by Danish-born British playwright Sandi Toksvig takes place… Read More ›