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Space Girl Is a Queer, Punk, Satirical 2017 Sci-Fi Comedy by Pittsburgh Dramatist Mora V. Harris

A lesbian roller girl from the Planet Zlagdor? No, this is not an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. This is the Women’s Theatre Festival’s production of Space Girl, which concludes its two-week run on July 6-9 at the new Sonorous Road Theatre & Film Studio in The Royal Bakery Building at 3801 Hillsborough St… Read More ›

The Amazing C*nt and L’il B*tch Take Raleigh Packs a Punch at the Women’s Theatre Festival

The Amazing C*nt and Lil’ B*tch Take Raleigh — one of the eight 2016 Women’s Theatre Festival shows written, directed, and designed by and starring women — is a dark comedy about rape. A comedy about rape, you say? Yes, I do say. Staged at the very tiny Green Monkey, a gift shop/performance space in… Read More ›