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"The Fantastical Nature of Motherhood" concludes March 17-20 in Cary

Sylvia M. Mallory’s “The Fantastical Nature of Motherhood” Isn’t So Fantastic

“The Fantastical Nature of Motherhood” is a virtually incoherent mash-up of the Roman foundation myth of Romulus and Remus and the Christian nativity story, liberally laced with four-letter words and an excoriation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a promiscuous teenager.

Sylvia Mallory’s “The Fantastical Nature of Motherhood” Premieres on March 10th

Playwright Sylvia M. Mallory says her inspiration for writing “The Fantastical Nature of Motherhood” came from “Watching my mother and the amazing women in my life while growing up.” She adds, “I watched what they were willing to sacrifice for their children, and it moved me to write this play to honor everything they give up and everything they gain from being a mother.”