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Lauren Kennedy Provides the Candle-Power and Matthew-Jason Willis Creates a Setting Where She Can Shine in “Tell Me on a Sunday”

Lauren Kennedy can caress a lyric until it purrs like a six-week-old kitten or pump up the volume until her voice rattles the Kennedy Theater rafters. Indeed, her vivacious versions of “Take That Look Off Your Face,” “Unexpected Song,” and “Tell Me on a Sunday” earned lengthy applause and whoops of joy on Wednesday, during her warmly applauded hour-long opening-night performance, which ended with a fervent standing ovation for Kennedy and her effervescent accompanists: musical director Julie Florin (piano), Drew Lile (guitar), John Simonetti (bass), Les Webster (percussion), and Joan Beck (violin).

Lauren Kennedy Stars in “Tell Me on a Sunday,” Andrew Lloyd Webber’s One-Act Song Cycle

Lauren Kennedy says, “I jumped at the chance [to perform TELL ME ON A SUNDAY] when director Matthew-Jason Willis and I discussed [this one-woman show], because it is a score I’ve been desperate to tackle, and I adore working with him! He had some fascinating and fresh ideas on the show that really excite me”