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The Forest Moon Theater's cast for The Curious Savage includes (from left) Kathleen Jacob as Lily Belle, Joey Desena as Hannibal, Randy Jordan as Titus, and Danny Mullins as Jeffrey (photo by David Leone)

Forest Moon Theater’s Production of The Curious Savage Is Both Comical and Surprisingly Touching

Sometimes, the difference between “sane” and “insane” isn’t as cut and dry as two letters. It is this difference and the blurred lines between the definitions of these words that The Curious Savage, John Patrick’s well-known 1950 play, ponders. It does so comically but with plenty of poignant moments along the way. The latest to… Read More ›

The Curious Savage at Forest Moon Theater Is Quirky, Endearing, and Bittersweet

When you look in the mirror do you see yourself, or do you find refuge in an eggshell world where you don’t belong? Do you believe a man is what he claims to be? Or you do you see the worst, in hopes the worst isn’t as bad as you had expected? Or at the… Read More ›

Frances Stanley stars in "The Curious Savage

“The Curious Savage” Is Full of Heart

Frances Stanley twinkles in her star turn as Mrs. Savage in “The Curious Savage,” making the character both lovable and sympathetic; but it is Maggie Barton’s Fairy May who steals the show. Barton creates a character as both emotionally complex and simple, a difficult feat for any actress.

Frances Stanley stars in "The Curious Savage"

Greedy Stepchildren Put Wealthy, Eccentric Widow in a Sanatorium in John Patrick’s Rib-Tickling Comedy “The Curious Savage”

For the final production of its 2010 season, the Towne Players of Garner, NC will present “The Curious Savage,” a rib-tickling 1950 comedy by prize-winning Louisville, KY-born playwright and screenwriter John Patrick (1905-95), on Oct. 8, 9, and 14-16 in recently renovated 470-seat Garner Historic Auditorium.