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"The Retreat" by Mark Cornell opened Jan. 14th

Fun Is Fleeting at “The Retreat”

The best thing that can be said about Free Association Theatre Ensemble’s production of the full-length version of “The Retreat” by Chapel Hill playwright Mark Cornell is that it only runs about 95 minutes; the worst is unprintable.

"The Retreat" by Mark Cornell opens Jan. 14th

In Mark Cornell’s Offbeat Comedy “The Retreat,” Five Great Writers Struggle to Find Their True Voices

“‘The Retreat’ is a comedy about what happens when Stephen King, a weak-hearted innocent; Anais Nin, a shy and frigid sweetheart; F. Scott Fitzgerald, an uptight moron; and Dr. Seuss, a womanizing egomaniac, all get together at a Southern writers’ retreat, in a prose class, taught by Emily Dickinson, who just happens to be a chain-smoking, foul-mouthed shrew,” explains playwright Mark Cornell.