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NRACT’s Rendition of Andrew Lippa’s Roaring Twenties Musical, “The Wild Party,” Is to Die For

Flappers and easy sex and bathtub gin and all that jazz, and tsk, tsk ain’t it all a shame? With a powerful musical backing, Joseph Moncure March’s book-length poem of excess and wantonness is surely expressed in Andrew Lippa’s operatic musical, The Wild Party. But those elements of society have always been with us, and… Read More ›

Sophisticated and Sultry, “The Wild Party” Is NRACT’s Best Show to Date

From the moment the curtains open on NRACT’s production of “Wild Party,” directed by Craig Johnson, it’s obvious that all the stops have been pulled out. During the huge-scale opening number, it’s hard to know where to look—in a good way. From the bold hints of sinful, searing red everywhere to the breathtaking leads, complex… Read More ›