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Rebecca Blum (left) and Jessica Heironimus star in "The Winter's Tale" (photo by Jeff Buckner)

“The Winter’s” Tale Is a Valiant Effort, But Ultimately Misses the Mark

Although the first few acts of “The Winter’s tale” unfold smoothly and at a steady pace, things fall apart rapidly once viewers are transported to from Sicilia to Bohemia. The colorful costumes and clown noses for the Bohemian rustics are a nice change from the dreary clothes of the Sicilian court; but the action is not tightly controlled, and the stage feels cluttered and unmanageable for much of the show.

William Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” Is a Magical Tale That Mixes Tragedy, Comedy, and Romance

“Directed by [Delta Boys co-founder] Lucius Robinson, this magical tale that journeys across time, begins with a mere suspicion that becomes much more. Sure of betrayal, a king turns his world upside down, only to find that he has lost what he loved most. What follows in this enchanting mix of tragedy and comedy goes beyond imagination.”