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“Oblivion” a Shade too Familiar

In “Oblivion,” Tom Cruise plays Jack, the last repair man on Earth. Literally. After some unknown enemy called Scavs attacks the planet, humans wind up destroying everything, including the moon, to win the war. There are still patches of Scavs left on the planet, which is patrolled by drones that Jack must keep in working… Read More ›

“Jack Reacher” a Fun Actioner

In Lee Child’s best-selling novels, Jack Reacher is 6’5″ and 250 pounds, an imposing and intimidating man. Tom Cruise is 5’7″, maybe 150 pounds and isn’t anywhere close to being imposing or intimidating. Yet Cruise plays the popular character in “Jack Reacher,” based on Child’s “One Shot,” the ninth book in the Reacher series. Jack… Read More ›