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"Molly Sweeney" opens on Sept. 29th at Burning Coal Theatre

Brian Friel’s “Molly Sweeney” Was Inspired by a True Story Chronicled in a Scientific Article by Oliver Sachs

The story of Molly Sweeney’s passage from blindness to sight is a moving meditation on worlds of the sightless, the seeing, and of those lost in-between. The play was inspired by an article by Oliver Sachs (“The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat”) entitled “To See and Not See.”

Alice Rose Turner plays Rachel Corrie

“My Name Is Rachel Corrie” Slams Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians Living in the Occupied Gaza Strip

Newsweek magazine wrote: “Here is a play where the real dialogue begins when the curtain comes down. ‘My Name Is Rachel Corrie’ is theater that not only stirs our hearts but sticks in our heads.”