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Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Is Not William Peace Theatre’s Best, But It Does Have Some Bright Spots

To be frank, William Peace Theatre’s current collegiate production of Alan Ball’s Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, directed by William Peace University Assistant Professor of Theatre/Musical Theatre Amy White, is not among WPT’s best offerings. That said, however, this production is not without its bright spots (to be addressed later). Part of the weakness… Read More ›

William Peace Theatre’s Noises Off! Is a Highly Charged, Madcap Comedy

A farcical comedy is fun. A farcical comedy that contains a farcical comedy is double the fun! And when it this genre is performed quickly and with precision, the fun increases exponentially. Michael Frayn’s Noises Off! is a farce that contains a farce. William Peace Theatre’s production, directed by Wade Newhouse, is performed quickly and… Read More ›

William Peace Theatre Nurtures Comic Talent with Michael Frayn’s 1982 Farce, Noises Off!

William Peace Theatre director Wade Newhouse stretches out face down on the floor of the dimly lit Leggett Theater on the second floor of Main Building at William Peace University in Raleigh, NC. His face is smushed against a frilly couch pillow. Nine disheveled college actors drape themselves across the first couple of rows. The… Read More ›

William Peace Theatre's production of American Idiot runs April 21-24 (photo by Ron Yorgason)

William Peace Theatre’s Rendition of American Idiot Earned Applause and Cheers on Opening Night

If you’re in the mood for a punk rock opera, William Peace Theatre’s production of American Idiot might be just what you need. With music by the band Green Day, lyrics by Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong, and book by Armstrong and Michael Mayer, the show premiered in 2009 at Berkeley Rep and opened at the St. James Theatre on Broadway in 2010.

Raleigh, NC director and choreographer Amy White has assembled an energetic cast; and musical director Matt Hodge, with himself on keyboards, supplies an eight-member band.

The story centers on three disaffected suburban youths — Johnny, Tunny, and Will. Determined not to become “American idiots,” they decide that they have to break out of what they feel is an oppressively humdrum existence. The plan is to flee to the freedom, excitement, and opportunity of the big city.

William Peace Theatre’s Production of Twelfth Night Is a Raucous Romp Through the 1980s

William Peace Theatre Company’s collegiate production of Twelfth Night is a raucous romp through the 1980s. Duke Orsino plays “air guitar” as he feasts on “the food of love.” The Clown could be aptly renamed “M.C.” Feste. Sir Andrew Aguecheek indulges in break dancing when he decides to prove that he “can cut a caper.” “Yellow… Read More ›