Amy Bossi-Nasiatka Is a Comic Jill-of-All-Trades and Steals the Show in “Wonder of the World”

"Wonder of the World" runs Aug. 4, 5, 7, and 11-14

Amy Bossi-Nasiatka proves herself a comic jill-of-all-trades in “Wonder of the World,” and she steals the show as she impishly impersonates Barbara, a helicopter pilot, a tawdry trio of waitresses at three different tawdry theme restaurants, and an outrageously unorthodox marriage counselor named Janie, whose brief appearance amps the laughter up to a whole new level.

“Wonder of the World” Is a Wild-and-Crazy Comedy by Boston Dramatist David Lindsey-Abaire

“I wanted to direct [‘Wonder of the World’], because it was an opportunity to explore some issues I’m interested in, such as marriage,” director J. Chachula confesses. “The play’s take on marriage is funny, and at the same time quite true, I think. I’ve also enjoyed digging into the concept of Fate and Destiny.”