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Christopher Ryan (top) as Dr. Frankenstein and Cory English as the hunchback Igor in "Young Frankenstein"

“Young Frankenstein” Is Another Monster Hit for the Durham Performing Arts Center

An outrageously over-the-top big-screen comedy-turned-stage musical, “Young Frankenstein” savagely satirizes the now-familiar Frankenstein story, first told in Mary Shelley’s classic Gothic horror novel “Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus” (1818) and subsequently retold in countless celluloid versions, most of them cheesier than the whole State of Wisconsin.

DPAC’s Young Frankenstein: A Holiday Show for the Adults

During the Christmas season, the theatres get overrun with family friendly shows that, in too large a quantity, can cause adults to tear their hair and wish for something a little more grown up. The Durham Performing Arts Center’s presentation of Young Frankenstein, a raunchy musical romp, is exactly what the over eighteen crowd has… Read More ›

Mel Brooks’ New Musical “Young Frankenstein” Brings Transylvania Mania to DPAC

Clive Barnes of the New York Post called “Young Frankenstein,” “the Broadway musical at its dizziest, glitziest and funniest” while Pat Collins of MY 9 News declared “Young Frankenstein” [is] “a monster hit.” Jeffrey Lyons of WNBC TV said “this riotously funny musical will knock you clear across 42nd Street,” and Roger Friedman of Fox News called it simply, “utter genius.”