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World War Z

Brad Pitt Takes on Zombies with “World War Z”

The troubled production of “World War Z” is almost as entertaining as the film itself. Rumors of director Marc Forster being unprepared and on-set strife with Brad Pitt trickled throughout the Internet, causing a stir that this megabudget zombie film was in real trouble. Then came the announcement that the final act of the film… Read More ›

Zombies Find Love in “Warm Bodies”

There’s been baby zombies, legless zombies, naked zombies, pet zombies and even fast zombies. But “Warm Bodies” is the first time a zombie in love has been presented on screen. R (Nicholas Hoult) is having a bit of a dead-life crisis. He doesn’t remember his name, most of his conversations are internal, and he’s tired… Read More ›