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Happy Birthday to Maxine Swalin: 106 Years Old Today!

Maxine Swalin

Maxine Swalin

For readers who may be new to North Carolina, Maxine Swalin, along with her husband Dr. Benjamin F. Swalin, famously revived a floundering North Carolina Symphony in the late 1930s. Through their efforts, the orchestra became known for its innovative music education programs and is now recognized as one of America’s rising symphony orchestras.

“Maxine represents all that is wonderful about our North Carolina Symphony,” says David Chambless Worters, president and CEO of the orchestra. “She lovingly and painstakingly grew the organization from essentially nothing, and together with her husband Ben built these traditions of statewide service and music education that we cherish today. Thousands upon thousands of volunteers were drawn into the Symphony world because of the relentless work of the Swalins. It is an honor to know Maxine and consider her a friend. We’re grateful for her tremendous contributions to the cultural life throughout the State of North Carolina. Happy Birthday, Maxine!”

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