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The Itchy Hearts Summer Tour 2009 – June 24-28

The Itchy Hearts

The Itchy Hearts

Virginia-based Itchy Hearts brings a unique blend of the best of the Old South’s folk and bluegrass with the new energized blues/punk sounds to Raleigh as part of an inaugural national summer tour.

Andy Cobb of Richmond, Virginia and Long Islander John Ptacek met in their college dorm of Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute in the fall of 2007.  Their inevitable friendship produced nightly jam sessions, as new material emerged.  Meanwhile, across the hall, violinist Julia Gabriel of Texas appeared instrument in hand and the trio was ready to take to the streets of Brooklyn and New York for open mic nights.

the-itchy-heartsCobb insists the group had no intention of forming a band, as he and Gabriel decided to leave Pratt after 2 semesters for the art program of Virginia Commonwealth University in Cobb’s hometown of Richmond.  But in Richmond, the two ran into bass player Reid Magette who helped solidify their sound as a high-energy folk/bluegrass band.

In October 2008, the group, including Ptacek, decided to record the best of their jam sessions on a CD called Goodbye, Goodnight.  Copied and distributed hundreds of times, this CD, produced in Cobb’s living room has attracted a local following, where it has been piped as background music for local Richmond, VA business establishments and on some alternative Richmond radio stations.

For a group less than a year old…The Itchy Hearts has a healthy enough fan base to support their summer road tour starting June 16th in Brooklyn, ending July 5th in Austin, Texas, with a total of 21 set performances in a variety of places between.

Jun 24 2009 10:00P
Slim’s Downtown w/ Hearts and Daggers Raleigh, North Carolina
Jun 25 2009 9:30P
Bobo Gallery with Johnson’s Crossroad and Jason C. Waller Asheville, North Carolina
Jun 26 2009 7:00P
Sadlack’s Heroes w/ Gospel Years! Raleigh, North Carolina
Jun 27 2009 8:00P
Backdoor Skatepark w/ Gospel Years!!!! and 2.5 and What’s Good Greenville, North Carolina
Jun 28 2009 8:00P
The Ultimate Basement Mill Springs, North Carolina

To listen to The Itchy Hearts and follow their show dates, go to

For more information about The Itchy Hearts and the Summer Tour, contact Andy Cobb at 646-662-1027.

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