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Trifecta is a winning combination of cool funky grooves that engages the listener.



The Will McBride Group’s Trifecta is simply a pleasure to listen to. Between original songs with soothing vocals, takes on standard tunes like “Sir Duke” and “Take the A Train,” and well-placed and ear-catching instrumentals, Trifecta is a winning combination of cool funky grooves that engages the listener.

The group’s sound is smooth with strong rhythm and a well-grounded core. I hear a neat combination of heated licks and grooves combined with some smoother jazz harmonic progressions, which is new and pleasant to my ear. This combination may be in the early stages of developing into a truly unique sound that can set this combo apart from others. Another aspect of Trifecta is the energy and drive behind the music. As mentioned above the group’s music is relaxing and engaging, which I believe may be derived from their deliberate use of energy. For example, the solo and instrumental sections are very lively and free-flowing, but do not overpower the rest of the music.

The Will McBride Group has the power to engross listeners of different musical backgrounds from swing to funk to smooth jazz. Whatever style you enjoy, one listen to The Will McBride Group’s Trifecta will make you want to hear more!

Matt Morrow, Triangle A&E

About The Will McBride Group

The Raleigh/Durham-based Will McBride Group is a guitar/bass/drums trio, performing a unique brand of jazz, funk and pop at over 50 shows per year in central NC.  The amazing polyrhythmic styles of percussionist Chris Conley, coupled with the solid, pocket groove of bassist Jeff Hatley comprise the dynamic foundation upon which guitarist Will McBride fluidly completes the fusion of jazz, funk and pop styles that “satisfy your cool side…and move your backside!”

For more information, contact:
Will McBride
919 602-6086
Email: willmcbride[at]

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