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MusiCoal at Burning Coal in Raleigh | May 30 – Oct 10

Burning Coal Theatre Company of Raleigh, NC announces its 2010 MusiCoal Summer Season of musical performances at Meymandi Theatre at the Murphey School.  For further information, see below, call 919-834-4001 or visit us at

  • May 30 – Quercus String Trio (Members of the NC Symphony) with Visual Artist Abie Harris.
  • June 13 – TBD
  • July 11 – Malarme Chamber Players
  • August 8 – Ebeneezer and the Hymnasters
  • September 12 – New Music Raleigh
  • October 10 – the ELM Collective

ABOUT Quercus String Trio and Abie Harris
Hear and see J.S. Bach’s monumental Goldberg Variations in a musical and visual feast. The Quercus String Trio perform a brilliant adaptation of this eighty-minute harpsichord masterpiece while Raleigh artist Abie Harris creates his own visual analogue to the thirty-two variations in real time.  An exciting collaboration not to be missed!   Quercus is made up of North Carolina Symphony musicians Bonnie Thron, Carol Chung, and David Marschall.  Abie Harris was the NCSU University Architect for many years, and now his artwork is being shown across the state.

ABOUT Malarme Chamber Players
The Mallarmé Chamber Players is a flexible ensemble of professional musicians based in Durham, North Carolina, whose mission is to enrich the lives of the community through outstanding chamber music. The ensemble distinguishes itself by its innovative educational programs, its commitment to creative collaboration with other organizations, its creation of significant new work and its dedication to serve a diverse population.

ABOUT Ebeneezer and the Hymnasters
Ebenezer And The Hymnasters are a “Folkestra” who can practically raise the dead with their electric and eclectic versions of old timey spirituals, murder ballads and story songs. Through their music they will introduce you to people and places from the not too distant past. Three part harmonies soar over the sounds of the fiddle, the singing saw, electric slide, washboard, autoharp, guitar, bass and drums. The Hymnasters hail from Indianapolis, Indiana.

ABOUT New Music Raleigh
New Music Raleigh returns to Burning Coal’s MusiCoal Series for a second year to perform more exciting contemporary classical music. In its first year of existence, NMR has proven to be one of Raleigh’s most forward-thinking arts organizations, providing performances that match the area’s most dynamic musicians with modern, edgy composition, resulting in a captivating, yet casual, concert experience. New Music Raleigh’s second season will feature more cross-genre collaboration, intimate audience experiences, and exceptional musical performances.

ABOUT The ELM Collective
Comprised of musicians/composers from five nations and four continents, this Raleigh based “composers’ collective” provides a forum for the fusion of jazz and world sounds and is influenced by the personal experiences that each of the musicians bring. All the members of the collective are deeply convinced that we are all part of a global world, where art and music are elements that can unify different cultures and create a new vision of peace and coexistence for the generations to come. They take as their mission to show to their audiences that this blending of cultures is indeed not only possible, but of higher intellectual and artistic value. To fulfill this goal, “ELM collective” is dedicated to the performance of original material created by its members and uniquely arranged to highlight the instrumentation and artistic perspective of the ensemble.

Reservations recommended. For further information, please contact Burning at 919.834.4001.

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