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Dark Glass by Ira David Wood III | May 16

The public is invited to a first reading of Mr. Wood’s new script Dark Glass, on Sunday afternoon, May 16th beginning at 4 pm at Theatre In The Park, 107 Pullen Road, Raleigh. There is no admission charge and there is no assigned seating. Call the box office on M-F 9a – 5p for more information, 919-831-6058.

Mr. Wood has researched different theories and has developed a storyline that he feels will constitute a dramatic enough framework within which to present several opposing viewpoints on the subject. The “debate” is, of course, wrapped into an unfolding mystery plotline.

Everett Richards, a former astronaut who once traveled to the moon, is experiencing a nervous breakdown. He’s been placed in a government facility under the care of a psychiatrist, Dr. Diana Caffrey. Galen Black, from the National Security Agency, is also present at the facility and arranges for the other two crewmembers (Bill Tanner and Lewis Kellerman) to come to the facility in order to meet with Everett Richards.

Once the three former astronauts reunite, however, disturbing questions emerge from their private discussions and revelations. Everett (Rhett) wonders if the astronauts actually did go to the moon – as everyone has been led to believe.

The three former astronauts confront Galen Black with their perplexing questions in a shocking scene that is in itself a dramatic assault on our own concepts of what is real and what isn’t. The play’s subject matter has been drawn from actual theories which have been circulating in the scientific community for some time. Only twelve months after the first Moon landing was announced, for instance, Knight Ridder polled 1,721 Americans and found that no less that 30 percent of them were “suspicious of NASA’s trips to the Moon.”

AS 1999 Gallup poll revealed that, thirty years after Apollo 11, an astounding six percent of the entire American population was convinced that the Moon landings had been faked. A more recent poll — undertaken by Dittmar Associates in 2006 — found that 27 percent of all college-educated students between the ages of 18 and 26 “expressed some doubt” that NASA went to the Moon, with a full 10 percent indicating that it was “highly Unlikely” that a Moon landing had ever taken place.

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