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Filmed in NC, “The Rusty Bucket Kids” TV Show Secures Two Industry Accolades

Steamy, The train through time

“The Rusty Bucket Kids” (TRBK) television show has collected a pair of noteworthy recognitions by receiving the prestigious Dove Family Approved Seal and being selected to the Grand Rapids Film Festival.

“We are honored to receive the Dove seal as we have strived to create a family-friendly show and are thrilled with our participation in the Michigan film festival,” said the show creator and executive producer, John Demers.

According to the Dove Worldview review, “Here is an adventure of time travel that will teach a little history along the way. As John Coleman and Roxanna learn of their new ability to travel through time on their first trip they meet a teenage Abe Lincoln. The pair are amazed to meet the future president. They find themselves encouraging this young boy so that history will stay on track as they know it. But in all good adventures there always are the guys that are up to no good if they come across the same skills and they would change the world as we know it.

“This movie is a wonderful adventure filled with fantastic historical facts and will entertain the entire family while teaching important valuable lessons. Everyone will want to see where the train takes the kids in their next adventure and what will happen in their small town of Peak City. We award the Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages to this remarkable DVD.”

The Dove Foundation, whose mission is to encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment, began promoting family-friendly entertainment in 1991. Its standards and criteria are based on Judeo/Christian values, free from the pressure of commercial interests.

In addition, TRBK was selected to the 2nd Annual Grand Rapids Film Festival, August 25-29, in Michigan.

TRBK show is produced in Apex, New Hill and at the New Hope Valley Railway in Bonsal. The show is part of a new, unique business paradigm being unveiled in North Carolina. The transitional media, or transmedia, distribution model uses the show to promote existing area businesses as filming locations, while at the same time highly emphasizing the value of visibility for show sponsors and advertisers. This approach demonstrates the continued importance TV broadcast content to reach smart viewers. Trailblazer Studios in Raleigh is another strategic partner in this transmedia launch.

Scott Andrew Taylor

TRBK show is written and directed by Kevin Robert McDermott, and based on the story created by Demers. McDermott is a noted and well-respected Hollywood youth talent coach. His coached protégés have been nominated or won 15 national and international awards. These include the Oscar, the Emmy, the Golden Globe, and Peoples Choice awards.

The Rusty Bucket Kids live in the small southern town of Peak City, played by the Town of Apex, North Carolina. Roxanna Demers, age 11, (as Roxanna Peakssen) and JohnColeman Demers, age 9, (as JohnColeman Peakssen) travel back in history on Steamy, played by The New Hope Valley Railway Steam Locomotive No. 17 and Caboose No. 308.  Roxanna and JohnColeman visit famous people of American history, who are still in their teenage years.

In this show, Scott Andrew Taylor, age 17, stars as a young 15-year-old Abraham Lincoln, who struggles with school and self-education when he has to stay at home and help his father and family with work. Other local celebrity cast members of note include former WRAL-TV news anchor Charlie Gaddy (as Grandpa Peakssen), WRAL-TV personality Mark Roberts (as Town Manager of Peak City, Nate Weaver) and Irene Santiago (as Carlina), who has appeared in “High School Musical,” “Hounded,” “One Tree Hill,” and “Touched by an Angel.”

About The Rusty Bucket Kids
“The Rusty Bucket Kids” is a new family friendly, web-based television show combining educational content with family entertainment – edutainment. A brother and sister learn they can travel back through time in American History to meet teenagers who become some of America’s greatest historical heroes. The show also represents a new method for providing local content to broadcast television stations and the Internet working with local sponsors.

WRAL TV News story from the Tarheel Traveler  about the TV Show check it out.

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