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“An Evening of Enchantments” Showcased the Close-Up Magic of Joshua Lozoff and the Ghostly Tricks of Micah Cover

An Evening of Enchantments, the aptly named magic show presented Nov. 11-14 by  The ArtsCenter in its Earl and Rhoda Wynn Theater in Carrboro, NC, showcased the enthralling, but very different acts of Chapel Hill magician Joshua Lozoff and Los Angeles-based magician Micah Cover. Lozoff’s close-up magic contrasted nicely with Cover’s ghostly tricks.

Joshua Lozoff performed casually dressed, with his shirttail out. Summoning a succession of volunteers one and two at a time from the audience, he elicited ohs and ahs with his delightfully interactive repertoire of card tricks, sleight of hand, and jaw-dropping illusions. Indeed, Lozoff performed most tricks with a special twist — his own patented form of predestination — call it mentalism, mind-meld, or whatever — in which he seemingly influenced choices that audience members thought that they were making of their own free will. Then Lozoff extracted documents from closed boxes or sealed envelopes that seemed to predict every choice — in advance — that the volunteer from the audience made spontaneously.

Lozoff’s concluding trick, in which his trademark red foam balls multiply like the Tribbles on “Star Trek,” even as a youthful volunteer squeezes them tightly in his own hand, was a showstopper and a fitting conclusion to a delightful — and delightfully different — program of prestidigitation.

Lozoff’s was a hard act to follow for magician Micah Cover, a former Raleigh actor who now performs at — and serves as tour guide for — the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. But Cover enthralled the audience with his ghost stories and supernatural special effects, especially the table that takes wing, perhaps, due to ghostly intervention. Cover’s highly entertaining mixture of magic with haunted-house hijinks brought The ArtsCenter‘s Evening of Enchantments to a crowd-pleasing conclusion.

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