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Month: January 2011

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February 2010 Theater Calendar

Feb. 1: “An Evening with Aron Ralston: ‘127 Hours’: Between a Rock and a Hard Place” (Duke University Union Speakers & Stage in R.J. Reynolds Industries Theater). Feb. 1: “The Monti — Theme: Greatest Moments,” starring Scott Huler, Randall Kenan, and Jamie McLendon and including The Monti’s Third Annual Hippo Awards (The Monti at Casbah… Read More ›

PineCone and the NC Museum of History Work to Continue Partnership Amid Budgetary Concerns

PineCone & NC Museum of History are working together to continue the Music of the Carolinas Series in the face of North Carolina’s daunting budgetary concerns. The two organizations have presented this series in partnership for more than a decade.

Triangle Modernist Houses Hosts Second Frank Lloyd Wright Tour

Responding to demand to repeat last year’s Frank Lloyd Wright / Fallingwater Architecture Tour, Triangle Modernist Houses and director George Smart have offered another weekend excursion for architecture enthusiasts: a trip to Frank Lloyd Wright’s world-famous Pennsylvania houses on April 23 and 24.

"Angels in America" opens on Jan. 29th and runs until March 6th

PRC Presents Both Parts of “Angels in America”

“[Although ‘Angels in America’] deals with profound ideas of what we owe to ourselves and to each other,” says PRC guest director Brendon Fox, “[playwright Tony] Kushner is also a great entertainer. He leavens the intensity with wit, the pain with warmth. It promises to be a roller-coaster brimming with ideas, laughter, and humanity.”

"Don't Dress for Dinner" opens Jan. 28th

“Don’t Dress for Dinner” Is a Hilarious Sex Comedy

NRACT’s unique vision transports this classic story to a converted farmhouse in Asheville, NC. Bernard [Tom Barbieri] hopes to entertain his chic mistress, Suzy [Sharon Galluzo], for the weekend. He has arranged for a chef [Mary Beth Hoots as Suzette] to provide the gourmet delights; is in the process of packing his wife, Jacqueline [Lisa Binion], off to her mother; and has even invited along his best friend Robert [Ryan Ladue] as a suitable alibi. It’s foolproof! What could possibly go wrong?