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David Turkel’s “Stroke/Book” Intertwines the Worlds of the Living and the Dead

"Stroke/Book" opens Feb. 23rd (photo by Jay O'Berski)

"Stroke/Book" opens Feb. 23rd (photo by Jay O'Berski)

Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern will stage Stroke/Book, a pair of plays written by David Turkel, directed by Tom Marriott and designed by Chelsea Kurtzman and Steve Tell, on Feb. 23-26 and March 2-5 at Golden Belt (Building B). The twin bill’s cast includes Jeffrey Scott Detwiler, Aaron Dunlap, Tamara Kissane, Evgenia Madorsky, and Little Green Pig managing director Dana Marks.

According to Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern:

“Inspired by Yukio Mishima’s modern adaptations of classic Noh dramas, David Turkel’s Stroke/Book tell two stories about the intertwined worlds of the living and the dead.

“In Stroke, a scheming Victorian family forces a young girl to confront her burgeoning womanhood through a hasty courtship. Over the course of a single evening, she reunites with her dead twin brother and discovers a terrifying truth about the place she inhabits.

Book, set in contemporary America, begins with a teenager soliciting a prostitute with money he earned from babysitting her mentally challenged son. This proposition launches a pattern of shame and betrayal that pursues the boy for decades — through war and recovery, fame and anonymity, marriage and divorce and, possibly, future generations.”

Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern presents STROKE/BOOK at 8 p.m. Feb. Feb. 23-26 and March 2-5 at Golden Belt (Building B), 807 E. Main St., Durham, North Carolina 27701.

TICKETS: $15, except $10 seniors and $8 Student Rush Tickets.

BOX OFFICE: or 919/452-9204.






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