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Local Celebrity, Richard Brown, Authors Children’s Book

Richard Brown, a television and radio show host from the Triangle area has partnered with illustrator Lionel Gentry to create and publish the children’s book A Goal for Me. The idea for the book, which focuses on economics and education, came to Brown as he read to his own young children night after night. Becoming familiar with the majority of children’s books on the market caused Brown to realize that few books for young readers focus on the financial landscape. Thus, he created the book in the hopes of helping children to gain an understanding of finances in today’s economy.

The story focuses on an African-American family who sit down regularly to discuss the importance of setting financial goals early in life. “Save some, spend some, and invest more” is part of the family’s daily conversation. The simple story and vivid, colorful illustrations engage young readers and will help parents to have important discussions with their children about money and, in the future, about finance, wealth, assets, and fiscal control. Brown’s goal is for families to read the story together and then to sit down and discuss how money shapes the everyday decisions families face all over the world.  

To learn more about the book , visit Brown’s website at

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