Two Raleigh Artists Honored in Statewide Dance Awards

North Carolina Dance Alliance

North Carolina Dance AllianceThe North Carolina Dance Alliance (NCDA) is pleased to announce the 2011 recipients of two of the most prestigious honors in North Carolina’s dance community. Betsy Ward-Hutchinson of Raleigh will receive this year’s NCDA Annual Award, presented at the Annual Event to those who have made significant lifetime contributions to the growth and development of dance in the state. Renay Aumiller, also of Raleigh, has been granted the 2011 NCDA Choreography Fellowship, a stipend which supports the creation and performance of a new work.

Performer, educator, and choreographer Betsy Ward-Hutchinson has long been known as a champion for North Carolina’s modern dance scene. As a faculty member of Arts Together in Raleigh, Betsy is a founding member of the organization’s Rainbow Dance Company, the area’s only multi-generational dance company. She has also performed with the modern dance group Even Exchange Dance Theater.

With three dance degrees to her name (B.A. in Dance, Meredith College; B.S. in Dance Education, UNC-Charlotte; M.A. in Dance Education, UNC-Greensboro), Betsy has been instrumental in the development of North Carolina’s dance education curriculum. After helping establish the Enloe Dance Ensemble at Enloe High School in Raleigh, she now oversees dance instruction at Cary Academy.

Betsy’s choreography has been featured at numerous dance events in North Carolina and beyond. In May 2004, she founded NC Dances, an annual showcase of modern dance choreographers from around the state. “I wanted to…give the community an opportunity to see the work these choreographers were making,” Betsy told NCDA in 2006. “An event of this kind is a gift to the students we are trying to involve in modern dance, and to the choreographers and dancers who want to share their work, and to the dance audience in general.”

Independent dance artist and Choreography Fellowship recipient Renay Aumiller ( is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Dance at Elon University, and facilitates dance classes at North Carolina State University and Arts Together in Raleigh. She graduated with a B.A. in Dance Technique and Performance from UNC-Greensboro, and in 2009 received her M.F.A. in Dance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Renay has been a guest artist/instructor at several colleges and universities in southeastern and midwestern states, and has been on faculty at Beloit College and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In her as-yet brief career as a professional dancer and choreographer, Renay has already seen her dances performed at various arts venues and universities in Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, New York City, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Italy.

Dance works by both Ms. Ward-Hutchinson and Ms. Aumiller will be presented at NCDA’s Annual Event, held October 14-16 in Durham, North Carolina. For the schedule, registration and other event information, visit

About the North Carolina Dance Alliance
The North Carolina Dance Alliance (NCDA) is the nonprofit state service organization established in 1982 to serve and support the development of dance in North Carolina. NCDA offers programs and services that address the changing needs of the state’s dance community, including: events, awards, scholarships, communications and artist services.

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