2012 Readers Choice Best Brew in the Triangle

Triangle A&E Readers Vote for Best Brew in the Triangle
Triangle A&E Readers Vote for Best Brew in the Triangle

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day Triangle Arts and Entertainment is asking its readers to vote for their favorite beer brewed in the Triangle.

The winner receives a plaque, web badge, and the bragging rights of having the Best Brew in the Triangle as voted by readers of Triangle Arts and Entertainment.

The Fans are in control with one vote per IP address per day. That’s one vote per computer per day.

Voting starts on March 1st. and continues until midnight March 31st.

Please review our list below and add any in the comment section that you think we have missed.  Remember, the brewery must be located within Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill (or pretty darn close).

Vote by clicking one of the radio buttons below.

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  1. The inclusion of Duck Rabbit and Mother Earth confuses me. They are no closer than the breweries in Fayetteville, and no one would consider them “Triangle” breweries, no matter how wonderful their beers might be (and they are….).

  2. Much like the Bermuda Triangle — It’s ever changing.

    Any brews you would like to add?

    Highlander is just a little too far a stretch.

  3. As already noted, Duck Rabbit and Mother Earth are not at all close to the Triangle.

    Red Oak is also a stretch, based in Greensboro, with a brewery on the far side of Burlington.

    I don’t think many people would consider these three to be “Triangle” breweries.

  4. Aviator Brewing Company is not the Triangle. It is over an hour from Durham. It should be triangle only.

  5. I love duck rabbit and Natty Greene, but just like everyone else I don’t think they should be considered “triangle” brews.
    Red Oak I can see as an exception to the term “triangle”brews being they are only like 25one mins from Durham.
    Fullsteam is the best on the list no doubt and that’s no Hogwash:)

  6. How can you say Aviator is not in the triangle? It’s only 5 minutes down the road from CBC (Carolina Brewing Company) in Holly Springs and 15-20 minutes from Raleigh.

    Go CBC!!!

  7. Been trying to vote the last few days and the site is not letting me. What gives??

  8. All are worth trying but CBC Nut Brown is one of the best!!! I’ll give my vote to them.

  9. Where do you vote ? I see nothing on the site that indicates where to enter your vote. Who’s running the show ?

  10. You convinced me to try the CBC Nut Brown. I compared it to the new Guinness Black Lager. Both had a nice bite in the back of the palette with a smooth drinkability. The CBC was more fresh and sassy as the Guinness leaned to be more bold and round. I liked them both.

  11. If you haven’t tried Raleigh Red, then you should wait to cast your vote! Roth Brewery has the local scene on smash. The young, fresh, new and exciting feeling you had when you first realized that you really liked beer, is totally embraced by this crew of brewers. Every batch is a new experience, and they welcome and ask for your feedback. They really make you feel like part of the family. I love the BEER and the people!

  12. If you’re having trouble voting and are voting from a smart phone you have to turn off your wi-fi and use your 3G. If it still doesn’t work try to refresh the screen.

  13. i have tried to vote from the local library and i can not due to the fact that someone else has voted there once today. the girl said the computers all have different i p addresses but it wll not let me vote!!!

  14. Pound for pound, Top of the Hill is the best in the triangle as a matter of fact, they have been recognized in the World Encyclopedia of beer as one of the best breweries in the US. Not only do they have top notch brews i.e. Ram’s Head IPA the ambiance and restaurant/pub experience is 2nd to NOBODY. Before you vote, you gotta head to TOP OF THE HILL!!

  15. Has anyone voting for CBC actually tried their beer? Much better beers being put out there by breweries who haven’t been brewing the same 3 beers for 15+ years

  16. James, it is apparent you have never been over to the CBC brewery. They usually have several seasonals that are quite tasty. I think right now they have a Winter Porter that is very nice and a Spring Bok, of which I haven’t had any of this year’s batch yet (I’ll try it this weekend). They usually have multiple seasonals as well as their standards. One should not be critical of a brewery or restaurant unless you have tried it a few times. Increase the sample size before making judgement. Hmmm, just think, go all over the Triangle and taste every beer each of these breweries make…several times. Then compare. What a concept!

  17. Once again, its Aviator. There are numerous excellent brews from the folks listed here but we have to say Aviator is hands-down the highest quality, most diverse and consistent brewery.

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