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Month: March 2013

American Dance Festival 80th Anniversary Season Primer – 605 Collective and Pilobolus

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself since the festival doesn’t kick off until June 13, but it’s good to plan ahead for a busy summer of show-going. Moving into the first full week of the festival, ADF introduces 605 Collective, the first of 11 ADF debuts. The 5-member company  based in Canada will perform Audible,… Read More ›

American Dance Festival 80th Anniversary Season Primer – Shen Wei Dance Arts

In eager anticipation of the 9 American Dance Festival commissioned world premiers and 11 choreographer/company debuts in the ADF’s announcement, I am compiling a series of tidbits about the companies, their work to date, and their summer 2013 ADF offerings. The season opens with the company whose return I am most excited about. I was… Read More ›

Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern will present "Derklöwnschpankeneffekt: Two Plays for Klöwn" on March 28-30 and April 4-6 at Manbites Dog Theater

Jay O’Berski and Jeffrey Detwiler Are Delightful in “Derklöwnschpankeneffekt: Two Plays for Klöwn”

Jay O’Berski and Jeffrey Detwiler have become the Triangle’s princes of pratfall, first for Shakespeare & Originals and now for Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern. In physical comedy, they are this area’s equivalent of Laurel & Hardy and Abbott & Costello (although both are imperially thin). But when it comes to hurling verbal brickbats, they most resemble the insufferably cheeky and impishly irreverent Marx Brothers.

Broadway Series South will present "50 Shades! The Musical" on April 2-6 in the A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater in downtown Raleigh

April 2013 Theater Calendar

NOTE: This is Triangle Review’s Master Theater Calendar for shows announced for the entire month of April. If your productions are not listed in this calendar, please e-mail the SHOW TITLE(S), DATE(S), LOCATION(S), and PRESENTER’S NAME to, and be sure to e-mail all your news releases and publicity PHOTOS to that address. (Our “snail… Read More ›

The Roxboro Little Theater performed Paul Schutte's "Pirates of the Chemotherapy" on March 22-24 at the Kirby Theater

It Only Hurts When I Laugh: “Pirates of the Chemotherapy” Earns a Hearty “Argh!”

A metaphor for the ways in which pirates and breast cancer survivors share both their missing “parts” and their strengths, “Pirates of the Chemotherapy” celebrates how both are challenged by life’s adversities and choose to fight, even when the only thing they have left is their will to survive. With six local women in the leads, this simple production launches itself into the hearts of the audience, most of whom can name a relative or friend who has taken on the breast cancer battle.