Craft Brewery Saturation Factor

One of the questions we ask brewers when we do our NC Beer Buzz episodes is their opinion on the growing craft beer industry in North Carolina. In May of 2012, there were a little over 50 craft breweries listed in the state where now there are over 80 active breweries and a total of 95 that should be open by the end of this year. Is that too many for this state? Are we going to get to the point of over-saturation?NC Brewery Map

According to statistics by the Brewers Association, North Carolina isn’t ranked very high in terms of craft brewery per capita. What the hell does that mean? Warning! Statistics ahead!!! Basically that the northwest dominates the craft brewing industry, averaging 20+ craft breweries per millions of people. Highest states per capita are Oregon (42 per million), Colorado (42), Montana (41) Vermont (40), Alaska (37), Maine (31), Wyoming (30), Washington (28), Idaho (21) and Wisconsin (19) as of April 18, 2012.1. Where does North Carolina rank? The state was at 5-10 craft breweries per million.

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