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The Big Deal with Bottle Shops

If you haven’t seen the hype we did over the past weekend for our newest addition to our website, we added a map and listing of all the beer bottle shops in North Carolina – RIGHT HERE. It may not actually be a complete one, online research and our state-wide explorations may have missed a few. We hope that if we overlooked any, someone will let us know and we’ll add it to the map. We did get quite a few updates and we’re really appreciative of that. So why add a map for bottle shops?

If you haven’t been to a beer bottle shop in your area, and you love craft beer, you need to go explore. The reason why I state it as a “beer” bottle shop is because an online search for “bottle shops” will give a listing of “wine bottle shops” and that’s not part of the quest. There are a lot of shops that sell both and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. There are some that you would think were only wine, like Wine 101 in Wake Forest, but they’re a highly recommended beer store too! Bottle shops are like adult candy stores.

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